Why Hire a Route Broker to Sell You Business?

Building any successful distribution or wholesaling business is by far one of the most difficult things one can accomplish!!! It can take months…sometimes years of time & dedication to build that new business before any profits are realized…if they are ever realized!! While at the same time, operating any already established route/wholesaling business can be taxing on one…with very limited opportunity for vacation! If you’ve come to a point to either cash in on your built in equity of that business you established…or just plain need some downtime from your business responsibilities of operating your established route, give Route World a call. There is no better choice than to work with the experienced route brokers of Route World Brokers, Inc. in confidentially marketing your business. We have been serving the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut tri-state area for over 35 years…and we can help you market your distribution or wholesale business as painlessly and quickly as possible.

Some of the benefits to working with the experienced route brokers of Route World Broker, Inc. include:

Business Appraisal – Hey, how can one successfully sell any business without establishing its net worth! The business owner is emotionally involved in his respective business, which normally hinders his ability to set a realistic & proper selling price for it when it comes time to sell. As Business Appraisers we go over all the facts, figures and check comps before setting that “realistic selling price”. Once the proper price is set, we build a marketing program around that price. The last thing you want to do when you are interested/motivated in selling is to miss that interested buyer by setting too high of an asking price or cheat yourself out of hard earned equity dollars by asking too little. Any properly priced/packaged business should be sold within 90 days of introduction to the marketplace…otherwise something is wrong!!

Agent Services– Life is too short as it is…why would you want to waste any of it fielding questions, meeting with potential buyers, or going back and forth with people who are just not serious about buying your business…or perhaps any business!! Until you sell your business, it is still your business to run, and your day is probably busy enough operating it while attending to your personal responsibilities without trying to become a Business Broker….and hopefully a successful one at that!!! The professional route brokers at Route World Brokers have a fiduciary responsibly to you. In acting as your agents in the sales process, we will handle every aspect of working with potential buyers – from answering questions to arranging the final transfer of assets.

Aggressive, yet Confidential Marketing – If you have already tried to sell your business without the help of the professionals at Route World Brokers, you may even more appreciate the professional…yet totally confidential marketing services offered by this Broker. Hey, the last thing(s) you want is your customer base to know you are selling …or worse yet to let your competition know as such! The less both these groups know of any pending sale…the more it is to your benefit to protect the equity value of your business offering!! Bottom line, the sales process, in light of our having developed a clear package of ones business offering , with all poignant information laid out to any perspective, pre-qualified Buyer, all but eliminates a pending sale not going forward! You need not worry about your next business venture or vacation plans jeopardized by a closing not happening! The vast majority of our listed businesses sell…and an even higher proportion of our sales close!!!

Successful marketing is commonly accomplished through our strong & vast networking database…a database that has been established over the past 35 years and continues to grow daily! We also have a strong presence on the internet…advertising on a half dozen popular business broker websites…websites that new Buyers refer to when looking to buy themselves a way of earning living! By the way, references (in your respective business type) GLADLY and PROUDLY provided!!

Learn more about Route World and the benefits of working with us to sell your business by visiting our website online at routeworldbrokers.com.