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Find the “Land of the Giant” Routes!!!

This offering is for your choice between two of the largest Wise snack distribution franchises operating in the entire tri-state area!
Each route nets about $3,000 weekly after ALL (yes, including payroll for a two-man force!) operating expenses. Both routes operate in Kings County, with a convenient Brooklyn pick-up. Both these route selections come with vehicles that do not require CDL certification and are fully warrantied by Seller(s). No real driving on either route…traveling maybe 50 miles weekly TOTAL!
The only difference is that one route is a total cash oriented route servicing mom & pop cash accounts on a four-day schedule… while the other Wise route handles almost exclusively large supermarkets & club stores on a five-day schedule. Either route has a total price of $340,000, with a down payment as little as $115,000.
Call this Broker for all the crunchy details!
NOTE : Route Splits available on each!  #1085    #1071


This small, tight vending route split consists of three (yes, just 3!!) nice volume accounts, all located within a 12 square block area in lower Manhattan. Parking is no problem in getting this work done…for early deliveries and/or the allowable street parking make for EZ account servicing!! By the way, each of these 3 accounts being offered has been set up with ultra-modern equipment and are equipped with monitoring devices that make each machine’s collections/product needs visible from your own home PC. Thus you visit the account only when needed and know what foodstuffs to bring with you! Earn (after all expenses) almost $800 for working less than eight hours total per week. Do the math & you will see that you just bought yourself a p/t $$ maker where you earn almost $100 per hour! These offered accounts consist of one large retail store & two specialty schools, all from a well-established customer list! This relationship will be passed on to you as the new owner.
If you have $60,000 to invest (in accounts & equipment) …give us a call.#1084



This Seller worked for Wonder Bread and after they went out of business (in 2012), he and other employees connected with a long established commercial bakery to fill the gap in the retail market! It worked…and now this Bronx County route services 30+ customers in a tight Bronx neighborhoods. It operates 5 days weekly & nets after all operating expenses $1,190.
A formal offering is currently in the works to make this route (and other of similar kind) into franchises. That move, which is taking place as this ad is being written, should immediately increase the value of what you are contemplating buying.
Need $38,000 down…includes 2005 GMC step van. Seller financing offered on balance.#1083

Facilities:  2005 GMC 16″ Step Van

Buying this Route, you’ve made a “Wise Decision”

This is a Wise snack route working primarily in protected northern Queens County accounts. This route is a heavy (over $12,00 in weekly sales) volume cash one..working four comfortable days with the use of a helper. An ambitious, younger operator can save the $500 weekly salary & work it five days.
Route currently picks up in Western Nassau…but if that is not convenient for you, it may be changed.
Net yourself almost $1,800 weekly after ALL expenses, including f/t helper. $99,0000 down. If you have good credit, clean background & safe driving experience, call us on this golden opportunity!! #1082

Facilities: 2008 Mitsubishi 16’ Box Truck-NON- CDL

 You Can Make Lots of DOUGH!!!!

Attention experienced bread men! We offer a low ball price ($73,000) with minimal down payment ($29,000) on this pita bread route being sold directly by Bakery !! You can make a good living selling pita bread to the long established customer base while having the distinct opportunity of increasing this route’s sales by offering a variety of Artisan bread’s baked by the same bakery. I am getting hungry just writing this ad!! Please call for details. #1079

Facilities: 2007 FORD E350 Van


TOP Name Product Operating in TOP Long Island Neighborhood!

This route selection has lots of winning ingredients…high profile product being distributed, a protected operating area, beautiful/ safe working environment &  pick up reasonably close. This route nets over $1,100 in 5 short mornings..hey you are finished by 1 PM. $175,000 total including the previously described “like new” truck. Arnold’s does the the Broker to find out needed up front $$$. #1075

Facilities:  Includes a 2013 Ford 15’ box truck


The LARGEST of the LARGE!!!

This Wise snack franchise operates under a great distribution agreement protecting you on all of the accounts being serviced hereunder! Think of the Wise snack routes you may have seen while looking for the right one to purchase??? Remember their average sales (probably $7-8,000 weekly) …proven average earnings (probably $900-1,300 weekly) & prices in the $135-150,000 range??
Compare these stats to this MONSTER:
A-Documented average weekly sales of over $23,000
B-Documented average weekly net of almost $3000
C-A low, low comparative asking price, with only $190,000 down
This eastern Brooklyn account list (with the pick-up in the same neighborhood where route operates) makes it a workable/viable income making venture for anyone residing in Queens, Brooklyn or Long Island. This route is only available for your consideration now because its recent sale did not conclude! Call us for all the crunchy details!! …#1071


Facilities: Fully warranted 1995 18′ step va


This is a legendary Wise snack route operating in a small, very “tight” area of Western Nassau County! What makes it legendary, is that the current owner has been at the helm for over 33 years & always comfortably supported his LI family with the earnings of this route. Twelve (yes, only 12) accounts produce a net income of over $1,300 for the operator of this route!! If you have $75,000, live in Nassau County, NY and desire to stay there while earning a living #1080


Nassau, Suffolk, Kings, Queens, the Bronx, Westchester, Putnam, Orange, Dutchess, Rockland, New York City and Richmond Counties, NY.  Bergen, Union, Somerset, Essex, Passaic and Middlesex Counties, NJ.  Fairfield, New Haven, Middlesex and Hartford Counties, CT

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