How to operate a successful route (distribution) business!!!

Keep in mind the following four “ P’s” when looking to accomplish the above (title) mentioned:





 What this means, if you carry/market the right product, being sure it is offered to your customers at the right price and be punctual/organized in adhering to a pre-set delivery schedule to service your customers, and last (but certainly not least) being personable (cordial & courteous) when regularly delivering your products to your customers, you have what is needed to operate a successful route business!   

By the way, each of these four components to success are of equal importance, and should you be missing (or lack) any of them, you will not be operating a successful route business. Yes, the business will operate…but you will not max out the enjoyment you should experience and the income you should make if you had all four “P’s” operating in your favor!!

Route World can assist you (in a totally professional manner of course!!) how to find the right product, selling at the right price to an established customer base, so you may use your own personality to successfully entering the distribution business!!  

This is part 1 of Route World’s Blog on motivating/assisting/instructing you how to enter the “World of Routes” and make yourself a comfortable living!! Stay tuned for the follow-up Blog…